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Combo of Whisker Dam and Dubs Wax
(1) DUBS Stache Wax or Cream 
(1) Whisker Dam

*mug not included*

Two powers have come together... DUBS Stache Wax & Whisker Dam! For those of you fine gents who want to keep your styled stache dry while enjoying your favorite beverage, this combo was created just for you.

Choose between DUBS Stache Wax (light to medium hold) or a DUBS Stache Cream (firm hold), and pair it with the best dam invention for keeping your whiskers dry - Whisker Dam.

The Whisker Dam is an easy to use solution for guarding your stache from the indulgent beverages you consume. When it comes to moustache guards you will not find a more premium product. Made from 100% Copper, dressed with a timeless patina and coated with a non-toxic barrier, the Whisker Dam has been handcrafted to perfection.





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