About Us

Dubs, founder of DUBS Stache Wax believes that a great moustache starts with a superior wax. DUBS Stache Wax and DUBS Stache Cream are handmade and hand poured moustache waxes created in Southern California. DUBS Stache Wax is all natural, water soluble and made with organic ingredients. The waxes are neutral in color with no build up or unpleasant goopy look, so you always look like a dapper chap. Once applied DUBS Stache Waxes instantly penetrate your hair and restore shine while creating a pliable and strong hold.

Dubs, the man behind the stache

Nicholas Watford, aka Dubs, the founder and owner of DUBS Fine Men’s Grooming Products, started competing in facial hair competitions in 2009. Unable to find a
moustache wax suitable for his style, Dubs set out to create one for personal use. He created DUBS Stache Wax in 2011, and with great encouragement from his peers, began to sell his wax locally and online. By 2012, sales really took off allowing him the freedom to pursue this adventure full time.

DUBS products have since been featured in GQ Magazine, OC weekly, Voice of America and on national and international review sites. News of his Competition
Style Wax spread throughout the bearding community and DUBS gained a great following nationally and internationally. Leveraging this new momentum, Dubs created the Orange County’s Annual Beard and Moustache Competition, the first of which was held at West Elm, South Coast Plaza in November of 2013. Today the competition draws in roughly 600+ people from all over the world that compete and flaunt their hairy greatness to win prizes, cash and of course bragging rights.





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