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  • "Awesome moustache wax/cream. Great scent and hold!" - jorge romer
  • "Cire de compétition . A recommander pour sa tenue ……Super Super cire très bonne tenue dans le temps. A recommander" - Eric
  • "The ( . )( . )" - Mark marangi
  • "Tip top purchase!!! Great quality!!! Totally happy!!!" - wcdt2010
  • "The best of all the moustache waxes I have tried. Very easy to apply, and holds right where I put it all day long without a problem." - JLH
  • "Great Wax! Wonderful hold and aroma…" - Bill Trustrich

  • "I recieved my tin of tacky-tacky schtuff yesterday. 5 stars on the quick shipping man! It couldn't have gotten here any faster if it had come in a flying saucer! Hmmm??" -TJ Dascoli

  • "This was a wonderful gift item. He loves how it works and I love it's simple, sweet and natural smell. It holds his mustache in shape but isn't abrasive or hard to wash out. It could be used to do really sharp/pointy mustache designs or more simple overall shape sculpting. This was a really fun purchase." - chelsea Lowry

  • "My fiance has had a blast playing with this stuff and molding his mustache. He loves the smell!" - Stephanie Louise

  • "Excellent wax! This stuff is my secret weapon. Holds like crazy and much easier to apply than most other firm hold waxes." - aC

  • "My go-to wax! I love this stuff!" - Dagored 101

  • "These stache products are terrific - my personal favorites! The firm goes well over the regular. I have bought from them several times and will continue." - Mark Flitcraft

  • "works all man can apply in the morning and look just as good when he comes home at night...i love the subtle scent...makes me want to KISS him all the time :)" - merry soulshine

  • "I was excellently... serviced and extremely satisfied. I can't wait to be serviced again. ;)" - Chester Merrick

  • "Dubs is awesome! Not only is their product quality and affordable, but they are also very courteous. I received an email promptly after my order acknowledging me as a costumer. Thanks Dubs!" - Kevin Shrout

  • "Dubs Stache Wax gives your stache wings." - mfox3000

  • "very good hold i work in and out of coolers and freezers all day and this holds" - forourboys2008

  • "Fast delivery and a very good product. Recommended." - groomingandgaming

  • "just got the stuff today, tried it out and its AMAZING! very pleased with the product and the service :)" - zak jarrett

  • "Needed some legit wax for my grisly stache. Dubs did not let me down. Lovin it!" - bcoffee1982

  • "This is an excellent product. It works exactly as it should, and even works as a conditioner. It smells good, holds firmly, and is easy to apply. Enjoy! Thank you, Dubs!" - Erik and Jennifer McNair (Waldorf , MD)

  • "No need to say much except, this product preformed just as advertized. Holds the stash just as promised and smells great. I've had a mustash for many years and tried many wax products to train and hold. Finally have what i need. Thanks to Dubs." - Escapade

  • "I bought this for my man. Well, really, for his unruly Norwegian moustache. He was looking for something that both tamed and shaped - he wanted an aesthetically-pleasing curvature at the ends. It does the trick for him and he's happy! Also, it comes in a cool little tin with Dubs' photo. I recommend it!" - Ana- (Portland, OR)

  • "This stuff stays on, smells good, does the job. I've used many other brands that do not do nearly as well." - Perry



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