How to apply DUBS Stache Cream


Hello all you mustachioed aficionados! I just got back from a few competitions and in this video I am going to give myself a quick trim and apply my "Firm" mustache wax. I create competition style mustache waxes, creams, beard balms, beard oils and pomades.


Hirsute Forhappiness - Moustache Wax Styling Tips

Technique for applying moustache wax. Follow the steps in this and the first video here and you will enjoy your moustache, more importantly you will not cause trauma to the hairs and a healthy moustache means a happy man. Visit for more tips and reviews.


Styling the Stache with Jehrad

"I have been requested by a few people to do a video on how I style my mustache and what I use. Just a disclaimer, I am not affiliated with anyone and am not getting paid by anyone to do this. This is just for fun and I only hope to help some people out with the way I do things. The beauty of it is that we all grow hair differently. So that goes without saying that some things work well for some people, and for others they don't. This is what works for me. Again this is my first video. The audio is off just a touch, but I couldn't figure out how to fix that. I'll try and mitigate that for next time. Until then, here are the URL's for the products in case you want to pick some up for yourself. Thanks for watching and keep it proper, gentlemen!"



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